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About Us


Furrowed Brow is a London-based podcast production company, founded by Poppy Damon and Alice Fiennes. Together, Poppy and Alice produce compelling journalism and powerful, crafted narratives. Between them, they’ve interviewed a murderer in an El Salvadorian prison, investigated scam spiritual guides in Paris and uncovered a conspiracy theory on TikTok. 
Poppy and Alice previously made "Murderabilia", a six-part investigation into the underground trade in true crime objects, including items once owned by serial killers. This series was produced for Audible, and was selected by both the NME and the BBC as one of the top ten new podcast series of 2019. Their
series, "Pseudocide" has two seasons. The first covers nine tales of death fraud through the ages (and was released in 2021). The second series follows one case over six parts: the disappearance of Patrick McDermott (and was released in 2022). The show is available exclusively on Spotify and is made in partnership with Casefile presents. 
In 2020 Furrowed Brow was shortlisted for the Whicker Radio and Audio Funding Award (RAFA), for a story about online super sleuths. In 2022 Furrowed Brow completed development work for CBC and became one of the inaugural recipients of the BBC’s Radio Indie Development Fund. Their series 'Home Sleuth' was released on BBC Sounds in May 2024. 

Outside of their joint projects, Poppy works at Blanchard House producing Joe Nocera (THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR) for an Audible series, and Alice also makes and co-hosts BAD WOMEN for Pushkin Industries.

They are represented by Curtis Brown (  

Talk to them on Twitter: @FurrowedB_pods.

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