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BBC, Spring 2024

Who are the citizen investigators taking justice into their own hands?

An unidentified murder victim, a schoolteacher's suicide, the brutal dismembering of animals. The police have investigated these cases, but our sleuths aren’t content with the answers.

Over five episodes, Home Sleuth examines the role that citizen detectives play in investigating crimes and mysteries - from the original internet sleuth in the 1990s through to present-day true crime YouTubers.

 Listen here 

Spotify, Winter, 2022

In 2005 Olivia Newton John's ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott vanished without a trace. He was last seen taking a fishing trip off the coast of LA. When he failed to show up to a family gathering 10 days later, he was finally reported missing. 


Then, in 2006, sightings of him were reported in Mexico. Did he fake his own death? This is a story about stardom, the media and a mystery that continues to fascinate. 


Poppy Damon and Alice Fiennes investigate this case over six parts. Listen here 

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Spotify, Spring 2021

Pseudocide is the podcast series about faking your own death. Over nine stories, a bomb explodes in a Sydney suburb; murder is afoot in Texas; a spy is buried with secrets; and a nun goes on the run. What’s it like to live twice?

In each episode of this series we dig into a different act of death fraud - but we also examine what lies behind that fakery.


In the process, we meet a cast of intriguing characters - including a Ukrainian hitman, a prankster who is out for revenge and an early internet sleuth. Listen here

Audible, Autumn 2019

Some people amass artwork. For others, it's stamps. But why would you want to collect the possessions of a serial killer?

In this series, we travel from New York to Scotland to probe one of the internet’s strangest subcultures – the people from all over the world who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on so-called “murderabilia”. From Dennis Nilsen to Charles Manson, we explore a grisly yet lucrative trade in everything from handwritten letters to prisoners' hairbrushes.

We examine society's seemingly insatiable appetite for the macabre, and ask if there's a link between the market for serial killer collectables and the true crime podcasting boom. Listen here.

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